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Captain America
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  • Cool. Tell 'em to stop into Holland Lodge #1 AF&AM sometime. We've got some kick-ass stewards this year -- I think I've gained weight just from the stated meetings alone!
    Back at ya brother! I'm from Texas too. But right now, I'm living in Wisconsin. My lifelong friend just got raised in Marble Falls and my cousin and big brother are just outside of the Houston area. Always a pleasure to meet another brother. Please stay in touch.

    I knew there was something I liked about you. LOL!

    Ed Smith
    F&AM Oconomowoc/Hartland #42
    I just caught your post about being F&AM. Fraternal greetings from the four-letter brethren of Texas, brother!
    Your welcome. I enjoy reading REAL conservatives. The label has been so bastardized lately I don't know what I am anymore. My family and friends will tell you I am nothing but a conservative. However, some of our more extreme collegues have banned me to the other side simply because of my logical, impartial stances on issues and my inability to maintain the ideological lock-step on issues that I disagree with. I'm just sort of floating around out here in the middlegrounds it seems.
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