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Aunt Spiker
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  • Hey Aunt Spiker, listen this might be a bit forward and I don't want to get into it in the thread, but I had a slightly troubled childhood in terms of my mental state, nothing drastic but at one point I was put on ritalin, I did have mild problems as you described with your son and some problems with reality vs. fiction but through a few ways I grew out of it.

    If you wanna PM me and talk about it perhaps I can find some parallels in some ways I was able to tackle it in myself.
    merry christmas aunt

    You have been helpful on the Van thread. I am lost when it comes to these things. I have Google working overtime. We really want something that will be dependable. Do you know anything about leasing? Is that a good idea? Thanks
    Thanks for friending me. You've been growing on me as a great debater. :2razz:
    Oh I loved that line, Dexter always has great dialogue. I can't wait to see how he'll explain it to her. Gosh wanting for September is gonna suck, just like after season 4. I'm not too thrilled with the whole, Deb adoptive incest thing though. I hope that doesn't play too big of a role. But they ordered two more seasons so it's going to be fun to see how it all plays out. Oh and Harrison was adorable, the Noah's Ark play was cute.
    I know I say this after every season, but can the next season of Dexter get here already? OMG I can't believe they ended it like that.
    Well wasn't she killed off in the first book? It was her body in the cargo container instead of those bananas lol. I haven't read the books, but I'm pretty sure I heard that on the commentary on the first seasons blu-ray.
    Haha, and Deb has a mouth that rivals mine, "a chubby check rolly polly **** machine" classic! I just wish Laguerta wasn't such a crazy bitch half the time, and a likable one the other half. It seems like every other season she switches off.
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