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  • merry christmas >(or jewishmass:mrgreen:

    Hi apoc, sorry I'm a bit busy now but I'll reply in our group as fast as possible! ciao
    Hi! I don't know if you've seen it, but I've started the discussion in our group! See ya!
    Thank you for your insightful and amazing posts on the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict!
    Something i highly doubt Syria would accept. But who knows.

    I feel compelled to give a personal sorry to you, an Israeli citizen on Turkey's behalf for turning our backs on you. I am deeply ashamed. Its not what friends do. I hope future administrations will correct Erdogans wrongs and repair the damage but at the same time i can only hope Israel will do what it can to enter peace negotiations.

    Its important you know that the main opposition is not coming from the Turkish people but the government itself. Though the country, generally, was appalled by the offensive, they do not believe you have no right to exist as a nation in the region, or that the minor war was an excuse not to be friends as Erdogan so wrongfully believes.
    aw that sucks :(
    my school has been shut down for 2 weeks - swine flu. it rulez.

    hey, i read Netanyahu has officially declined Turkey's role as regional mediator. Its a good move. I hope Erdogans disgusting, religiously motivated, dumb ass Israel bashing shed's a bad light on the man at home. His an idiot, and i hope the constitutional court ban him in the current wire tapping investigations going on - get rid of that Muslim unsecular scumbag for good - for the sake of Israeli-Turkish ties and regional damn peace!

    Is it any surpise the Likud party made that move?
    I'm telling you to stop adopting positions simply because they're the opposite of mine. If they're related to a field that I've studied and you've barged into just to try and oppose me, you'll inevitably not win there.
    You know, you really should stop screeching "BLACK!" whenever I say "white." Since I'm usually right, it will merely inevitably mean that you'll usually be wrong. ;)
    Actually, no, it was a matter of expropriation of wealthy upper class Ukrainians who hoarded the resources commonly needed. There wasn't a general trend of baseless or unwarranted murders of the wealthy so much as deaths of those who violently resisted expropriation and occasional isolated murders that didn't charaterize the general trend of the day.

    As to the other thing, I don't happen to read other languages as well as I read English, do I? It wasn't the first thing I looked to. :2wave:
    Inaccurate assertions about Makhno should not be made, you know; even the Hebrew Wikipedia page on him notes that הצבא השחור נלחם גם כנגד הצבא הלבן , נגד צבאות זרים (כמו הצבא ה גרמני ו אוסטרו-הונגרי ) ונגד מנהיגי כנופיות אזוריים, שהיו לרוב אנטישמים . :shrug:
    whats up baby :)
    dang ur really good at those arcade games man. whats your secret??
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