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  • I have enjoyed your post! Ny best friend in the Army was from Turkey Texas! and Bob Wills is still the KING!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hey, I know you do it accentuate a point, but IMHO capitalizing words, makes you look a little loony and isn't a good writing style. Your content isn't bad and I think it would be better if you either stopped it or used it less often. Just My opinion.
    I think a lot of new is happening, and that largely state government and federal government do get int he way. But so do parents and students. Real reform will occur in the classroom, led by teachers, but socialetal reform, parents and our community, will take more than just work at schools. I don't see that reform being worked on near enough.
    You are welcome. I LMAO at your post. :lamo That was one of the all time greatest here at DP. Nothing not true, IMO, even suggesting he's a moron. Keep up the good work!
    It was a good post. Yeah I thought the article was thought provoking and wanted to share. I know I've also seen people on the board mention the same thing so thought some people would be interested in it.
    I am from all over, my dad 22 years Army, me 22 years Navy, but I live in Uhland, TX now, been here about 8 years. One of my girlfriend's daughters graduated from and now works at UT.
    You are welcome, my friend.

    I was once a research advisor for the Universtiy of Texas.

    I am from Houston. Where are you from?

    Even though we don't agree much on it, thanks for your input on the 2nd Amendment and such. I learned some things.
    Agreed. There are many here who are nothing more than looters, using the government to do their dirty work.
    You are welcome, and thank you and your family for your service! My granddad was in the Calvary, my Dad was a tank commander in WWII, I volunteered to serve in alternative service during Vietnam (as I was morally opposed to that war), and my son will retire in from the Air Force in August with 4 tours in the ME.

    I am a strong believer in defense, but a strong objector to optional wars.
    Sure thing!

    My "thing" here is propaganda and persuasion science and the effect its overuse is having on our whole society.

    The kind of information being discussed is precisely the type used to craft targeted messaging.

    While you'll find I usually post from left of center, I dont like it when ANY side uses these techniques.

    Unlimited funding for their manufacture and distribution is the primary reason I oppose the citizens united decision.

    But education is the best solution. Exposure to how "persuasion" works "innoculates" one to some extent. And I believe that if the American people were aware of the extent to which they are being psychologically nudged and tweaked they'd be pissed. So I do what I can.

    And you'll find I'm not a partisan "liker". A well put post whose premise I disagree with will get a like from me, for example.

    Most of my favorite posters here are actually conservatives. Go figure.

    Welcome to the board, by the way.
    My father is both retured Army (22 years) AND retired civil service (9 more years). He reteired at age 53 (31 years combined time) at GS-12 (top step) civil service pension pay and now, at age 90, has been retired longer than he ever worked and (due to COLA increses) is now making the highest salary in his entire long life. I know very well how generous the system is. He served in WWII, Korean and Vietnam and then in the NSA - while he did work hard, he is now VERY well compensated, although when we (myself and two brothers) were born (1954-1958) we were far from rich.
    Well, both Haymarket and lpast are unionized public employees, and drawing retiree pensions (Haymarket while he holds a second government job) at that. Haymarket especially is seeing his world crumble before his eyes. :)
    You're 100% correct, ttwtt. As a gun owner, I totally understand the FIGHT mentality and realize how much our society does to destroy it.
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