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Boo Radley
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  • Thank you for the like. This discussion group seems to want a single "magic bullet" to kill all problems. I see many ares for improvement yet no single thing is "best". If we return to more local control that greatly increases the number of things that will be tried, thus increases the odds of findong out what does (and does not) work in a much shorter time frame. As long as we have only the federal gov't or even only the 50 state gov'ts trying something "new" we are less likely to succeed as fast in the universal goal of improving the current mess.
    I think it has been the same grand debate on education (and choice) which has been stretched out over years.
    Ouch! Snow is actually something I miss, as it NEVER snows here (you can get to snow an hour away, though). On the other hand, I could never handle the weather out your way. You're hardy people.
    Nope. Going home early due to bad weather. My Monday night class has been canceled three of our first four meetings. Catching up is going to be difficult.
    Hi Boo, nice to meetcha! I LOL'd at your 'don't be silly, we haven't even tangled' comment :D
    Hi Boo,I need to ask a question....A few guys are speculating that you went by the user name JD3 over at Whistlestopper.Are you the one and the same?
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