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  • hello menschh I was on a long holiday .I hate politics nowadays.will send you pm then
    hi mensch l havent been here for few months.in fact what is happening in turkey is my real concern nowadays:mrgreen:
    audrey is more beautiful :mrgreen:

    l wondered you and a few other friends when you werent here

    happy to hear from you again
    merry chistmas mench

    I don't believe in voting 3rd Party Candidates because of the nature of the electoral system, therefore I support Obama, reluctantly. Mainly because he has some sort of a plan for UHC, rather than just "repeal and wing it"
    I thought he lost to Lei, but anyways. The fencing events were really fantastic this year. :D
    Your avatar is fantastic! It's good to see someone here that's in to fencing :applaud:
    The political parody was great!! Thanks for sharing it! I'm not native American, German descent actually. I really admire the spiritual connection that native Americans had with their environment, and I live near an area in Virginia where the Catawba tribe used to come up to hunt, and I live near Catawba Creek, and my business name is Catawba Sound Studio, so Catawba seemed a natural pick. I will check out your thread on the reservation system, but later this week. I've been procrastinating about getting my taxes done and need to work on them but I will check it out soon.

    Thanks Mensch! I think we are definitely simpatico on this issue. I have fought against optional wars since Vietnam, more actively in my youth. If you are interested there are a coupe pics from my demonstration days:

    Catawba's Album: Personal pics

    Let me know if I can help you on any of the causes we share.
    Great post! You are alright dude, I don't care what that liberal Catawba says! LOL! :peace
    Thanks! I've always been a fan of Mark Twain. BTW. please don't take our discussions personally, as that is not my intention. Even if we don't agree on everything, I still think you are a real nice guy!
    Absolutely no problem. My ideas on God are probably even more unusual than OneMale,,lol.
    You're a good guy and this comes thru in your posts.
    Thank you, that is very kind. I am a bit baffled by your friends-request to be frank. You were very annoyed at me a bare month ago over a Religion forum infraction. It's not that I don't appreciate an olive branch when offered one, I just don't quite understand the why of it....
    Big time gamer, but never got heavily into MUDs because they had neither the imagery of video games nor the flexibility of tabletop roleplaying. In general, I take a pretty dim view of online gamer culture-- I prefer competitive multiplayer games, but gods above, those people are assholes.
    Silver standard? Sure? Gold, silver, both, I don't care. The original reason for making silver currency was to get inflation. But if we were to do it today, I would have no problem with it. But if we're going to go back to gold and silver, we need to make sure that we don't repeat the mistake that Britain made and create deflation while doing it. For all of the ills of monetary inflation, monetary deflation is just as bad.
    The more I look at money, the more it seems a dammed-if-you-do-or-don't proposition. Tying the monetary supply to any commodity which is largely set in supply is inherently deflationary. I could see it being better than the Gold Supply... but i think we are stuck with fiat - and the question is simply how can we rein in the Fed and force it to behave itself.
    Every time I see you pop up in a thread, I remember to zip over to Reason TV and watch a few videos. Thanks much for introducing me to it.
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