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  • I noticed your signature- so wrong. Capitalism is just the liberty of individuals to profit from investing or selling the goods and services they produce with their capital. It's the responsibility of legislators, police, and courts to create fair market environments that maximize competition, empower consumer choice, and protect consumers and the environmental from dangerous products and pollution. Wickedness in business is a consequence, not of capitalism but, of wicked or incompetent government.
    Hey wait a minute.... are you my mother? :2razz:
    Seriously, I do appreciate the very kind words. Thanks, Sweets!
    The fact that so many people in the GOP seem to really believe that unfettered capitalism somehow works for the good of all is an anchor around the GOP's neck that will eventually, with some help from massive demographic change, put it out of business.
    Haha! I'd take you up on it. I grew up in a redstate surrounded by folks with very conservative views and enjoy good debates. A conservative or Tea Partier to me isn't some (insert) stereotype....it's mom/aunts/brother/friends etc.
    I'm impressed. I am so used to an adversarial position, I must admit I'm taken a little aback. If you lived in PA, I'd invite you out to a pub for a brew. :)
    merry christmas ilive

    Yeah what ever happened to OldReliable? He was the best when it came to simplifying arguments and maintaining civil discussion. Unfortunately, his liberal counterpart is equally sharp but doesn't exactly share his decorum
    Thanks man. I was disconnected for most of summer and just started reading the forum again regularly a couple weeks ago. I'll try to rejoin the game but the econ forum looks pretty desperate these days. I can't think of a single conservative poster that posts there regularly.
    The BLS report today showed exactly what we were talking about last week. The U6, E-P, and LFPR all improved and "caught up" with U3. All good signs without the headline story behind it. Thought you would be interested.

    PS: I like the symbol change... one small step in the right direction. :)
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