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  1. iliveonramen

    White People Deserve Low Birth Rates

    No idea who she is. What she said is idiotic. Also..it’s actually a good thing to have forgo having kids you can’t afford.
  2. iliveonramen

    Biden Cannot Be Blamed For Any Of It .

    Lol, cutting checks seemed to be the only thing that worked, that's for sure.
  3. iliveonramen

    Biden Cannot Be Blamed For Any Of It .

    The war was lost a long time ago....if things collapse completely after like 3 days of leaving after almost 20 years then sticking around a few more months or even for the rest of Biden's term wouldn't of made a difference.
  4. iliveonramen

    Hell just froze over and pigs a flying.

    Yes, he got the hot potato that is known as pulling out of Afghanistan dropped in his lap. He'll get the blame but anyone with two cents knows Biden has nothing to do with the cluster known as Afghanistan. That disaster was sealed the moment we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan was put on the...
  5. iliveonramen

    Democrats Finally Get Comfortable Saying Obama Is a Jerk

    Very hard to take Republicans seriously when they complain about things like this when they have been hanging off of Trump's nuts for the past 5 or so years.
  6. iliveonramen

    Just can't wait for the liberal excuses which are sure to follow

    Pulling out of Afghanistan was supported by Republicans and 70% of Americans. You can shout at the top of buildings it was Biden but Afghanistan was lost the minute we went into Iraq and diverted resources/manpower/attention to Iraq rather than Afghanistan. Unless there was a bill proposed or...
  7. iliveonramen

    CO Police Officer fired and charged with failing to intervene.

    "when former officer John Haubert beat, choked and pistol-whipped an unarmed civilian on July 23 while responding to a trespassing call." Wait...so you support police performing actions like this??
  8. iliveonramen

    What Mostly Non-White, Socialist Country Should America Seek To Emulate ?

    They are in favor of socialist policies...like single payer healthcare, mandated leave, stricter rules on 40 hour work weeks etc. Which...a lot of this stuff is in every country in the world except for the US so I guess you can take your pick.
  9. iliveonramen

    Editorial: What critical race theory is — and isn't — and why it belongs in schools

    There are plenty of times the Democrats could of rightly claimed the policies of the right were racist. Transcripts of Lee Atwater could illuminate you as to Republican strategy when it comes to race for the past 4 or 5 decades. Your initial post claimed that race based politics appeared in...
  10. iliveonramen

    Editorial: What critical race theory is — and isn't — and why it belongs in schools

    So you wouldn't call the politics over slavery and segregation race based? How about anti-asian based politics on the West Coast during the railroads? Black migration from the south and whites fleeing to the suburbs post Civil War had a lot of race based politics involved. I know it's not a...
  11. iliveonramen

    Editorial: What critical race theory is — and isn't — and why it belongs in schools

    Lol, like identity politics and race hasn’t been the bread and butter of US politics since the founding. I guess it’s changed because blacks are no longer only demonized and used to scare whites it’s an issue?
  12. iliveonramen

    Keeping Illegal Mexicans Out Of The USA

    If you really wanna crack down on illegal immigration fine and prosecute companies and people that hire undocumented workers
  13. iliveonramen

    Conservatives more susceptible to believing falsehoods

    I think everyone is pretty susceptible to misinformation when it comes to supporting your values/worldview. I think the pickle conservatives are in is that in order to be a conservative you pretty much have to eat to gobble up a ton of lies in order not to see yourself as reprehensible. I...
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