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  • Hi Shrub...haven't seen you around for awhile, hope everything is okay. - Moot
    Hopefully....have you ever read "What's the Matter with Kansas?". If not the question is how the most progressive firebrand part of the country when it came to labor and economic policy because so anti-labor and pro-big business. Of course the idea is social conservatism. Brownback and others would talk about God and Abortion and use their political power to pass anti-labor/deregulation measures.

    That's why I agree...younger generations are much more socially liberal and even if the Republican party liberalizes on the social front (which I don't think they will for a very long time) that leaves their economic message...which doesn't really stand on it's own.
    It is Elek Benedek who was a Hungarian journalist and writer. He was known as "the great folk-tale teller". Among his huge body of work he compiled a 5-volume collection of Hungarian Folk-Tales and Legends, many of them from the Székely people of Transylvania.
    I checked out the Politico's message board this morning. There was a notice that the message board (Disqus) doesn't support Windows 7 browser. You have to be running FireFox, Google Chrome or Widows 9 to post a message. How stupid are these people at the Politico ? I use to have FireFox some years ago, but I really didn't care for the new version. I think we discussed that awhile back. You provided a link where you could download the old version of FireFox.

    I noticed that Debatepolitics has an ignore function where you hit the ignore tab of a member who might be a stalker or troll and you can't see any of his or hers post. I remember the About.com forums has that function.

    No reason to ever go back to the Politico, to many incompetent people running that website, especially their IT's. They have so much garbage on their site there isn't enough bandwidth and their entire website is slow.

    Catch you later
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