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  • sorry, I can't right now. i'm still cooking dinner. i just had to peek in the NBA thread though. I'll be back later for chat! :)
    I think something changed on that first page. Can you go back to the screen where you log on and tell me what it says on the line that says "connect"?
    Oh no question, I'm cute as a bug in my glasses. :mrgreen:

    I got new glasses the other day. Maybe it has something to do with the new prescription.
    Is that why Excedrin has caffeine? I probably haven't drank enough water today either. That helps me sometimes too.
    Well, I took some regular Excedrin and I had a nap earlier. I need to quit whining don't I? At least it's not a migraine like you get sometimes.
    You are more than welcome to any of my quotes. Shoot, I can come up with a really good one about how you're the goddess of all knowledge or something like that, if you want.
    oh. I thought you might've been referring to Grant or Councilman.

    I think for the most part people don't think Alfons is real.

    Centrist77: "Please vote for real posters and not trolls, meaning people you feel that honestly believe their bull**** the shovel."
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