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  • Have a great holiday season!

    Haha I love your Meme avatars. They make me want to return to having one of them.
    Tessa, if you still need income by quintell data, this link might be useful.

    17 percent of households make at least $100,000; 16 percent less than $15,000: Sunday's Numbers | cleveland.com

    Although it only gives the data for my area at the present time, there are links inside it which may lead you to the data you need.

    Good luck!
    Tess, I'm sorry your puppy was feeling bad. I couldn't read the thread and reply there because I couldn't face reading other sad stories, but I hope he's doing better.
    Morning! :) Do you like that Ford Focus? I will be needing a second car. Do you like it enough to recommend I look at one?
    Oh... its a special beautiful part of Dallas running right through the middle of the crazy... Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail | Dallas' original hike and bike trail My heart is healthy because of the thousands of miles ive put in on that little trail.
    Thank you for the friending! So... if you're driving up 75 just a little south of Forest look down to the bike path and if you see a middle aged (but hot) man huffing along down there... well theres about a 1/10,000 chance thats ME!!!
    the bee in your avatar looks stoned. Not like a zombie. Though I guess stoners provided some inspiration for zombies.
    Little Black Dress by Jace Everett - YouTube

    Enjoy! You certainly deserve a pressie for your post. ♥
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