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  • My policy is to avoid knocking other posters and I feel I go out of my way to be polite. There are a few of us - "Logical Party" members that view each event by itself instead of this 100% Conservative or Liberal absolutes. So, I get annoyed when I don't get a straight answer and their excuse for evasion is that they are full of poop and don't have an answer other than "you must be bad because you're a ....". I've had the same problem with both sides of the spectrum and I think it's because people come here to shout their party line and not engage in thoughtful discussion. I've learned a lot here from people who actually explain themselves and I have modified some of my points of view as a consequence. LowDown has done this to me before and he finally got on my nerves. Usually, when challenged, the super-partisans run and hide. Thanks for the supportive message.
    You nebber white me no mo. You neeber caw me nun, nedder. Ya wos dat lubbin' fewwing fo' me, Dan? Haz ya gun and dun me dataway?


    Have a good T-day, I hope?

    Ya, I know. Partisanship can be tolerated, but mindless partisanship, not so much.
    But not inna good way?

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