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  • Just stumbled across your hilarity in the thread "Satanic monument in OKC" from 2 weeks back. I love you, Mr. Pratchett.
    Whoot!!!!!!!! I rarely use the Visitor Message feature. It has actually gotten me in trouble when I replied to a PM that way by accident. Yikes!!!
    I saw what you said to LowDown in the Westboro thread, about not being partisan and how the end assumption is that you're a "libral" (or the opposite of whoever you're disagreeing with). That's been my experience too -- acutely partisan people seem to assume that those who don't agree with them are far on the opposite end of the spectrum.
    Thank you for fairly expressing your feeling on the topic and doing so in a fair and constructive way. Yet another person i can see getting along with on this great site!
    "cats, science fiction, cats, crime, cats, wasting time on the Internet, cats"

    Combine that with our both retiring early and being entrepreneurs, I'd have to agree with you. It would seem we are related! Ha! I notice that we think very much alike. A breath of fresh air!!
    I find myself clicking the LIKE button on lots of your posts. Hope you don't mind the request. :)
    On your left hand side at the bottom, just above "Recent Visitors" next to "Permission Groups", click on "Join Groups". At the bottom where it says "You may choose to be identified as a member of the following groups" next to "Registered Users" click on the box for "Identify me as a member of this group".
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