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Guy Incognito
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  • Dang! I hate when people compliment me on my civility, right before I'm ready to go off on someone.:lamo
    Thanks for liking my post calling someone a jerk. I fear it might get me in trouble. You might help with your liking it.

    My life has been nuts since Katrina, I hope I don't come off as crazy. I love people and really don't like having to teach someone a lesson.

    Yer pal in New Orleans, Alan Dyer
    Thanks Guy! I've always had respect for you even when we don't always agree. I think you have this issue exactly right!

    Even though I am considered far left by the far right, I consider myself a conservative in the 'small c" moderate vein.
    Hey Guy. Thanks for your kind words. I don't agree with all Libertarians, but I do get tired of the assumptions that we are all blind followers. I've never been a blind follower - no matter what my political beliefs are - and I know others aren't as well.
    Well, thank you for the introduction. I think the world needs more level-headed people.
    You're welcome, GI. You make some great points yourself. I think you're going to have a good time here, just watch out for the right-wing trolls who will wind you up so much, just in order to get you to break the rules and get a ban. Welcome anyway!
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