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  • Sorry I didn't reply to your post in that thread with regard to McCain. I get tunnel vision and didn't see it when I replied to X. I didn't mean to ignore you. :)
    Oh yes! Indeed he can!

    Burn Down the Mission, a real oldie, but one of my all time faves. :)
    I heard it once, many, many years ago (my friend was a total EJ fan) and had forgotten about it. Yes, it is good! Excellent find Dan. :)
    No my friend, I am not Hawaiian I am a Chiricahua Apache Indian and I just visited Hawaii while on leave last month , matter of fact I am getting out of the USMC in March and marry my beautiful Hawaiian girl next Summer. I've been to Hawaii several times and I also love their culture and their love for nature. They are very sweet people.
    Have a great week my friend.
    Kind regards,
    Red Crow
    I am back, I was very busy for a month and then I took another month's leave and I just got to Camp Lejeune on Friday. I am getting out in March. Eight years is enough. lols

    Thanks for the note and will be seeing you around. :)

    Yes, I was in on the joke. I've heard him say this several times (although not on the new afternoon show with Bob Bennett and whomever).

    You're my first PM (conversation?), and I just noticed it. Apologies for not responding earlier!
    Everything is well my friend and thanks for the note. :)

    With my kindest regards.

    Red Crow
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