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Red Crow
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  • I came across your most recent post in the music thread. It was good to see you. I imagine things are hectic for you as you prepare to leave the service. To start a new life post-service and plan your wedding. I hope it is all going well for you. :)

    That song you posted, is one of my most favorites ever. Ben E. King's voice just soars.:)

    Just popping in, since I saw the post. :)
    Hey RC!
    You are very welcome. It's my pleasure. I enjoy your posts very much.
    I don't speak Spanish, but understand a great deal. I lived in Los Angeles for several years as a child in a neighborhood where half my friends, or more, were hispanic. The song you posted, reminded me of being in their homes, where their moms had the Spanish radio going or novelas on the TV. :)

    Does your fiance speak Hawaiian? Maybe, since you will be returned to civilian life, you might learn it some day. If she does, that is.

    Yes! Everything is fine, if very busy. As I'm sure yours is right now. Thanks and you too! Enjoy!
    Oh goodness! No worries at all RC, and thank you for the well wishes. :)

    You are most welcome. That is fantastic news! :) Congratulations to you and your bride. My fondest wishes for your happiness together. :)

    I'm so glad to know you were not severely wounded nor do you have psychological scars. Wonderful and possibly so that your heritage helped get you through the war. You must be champing at the bit to get started with your new life with your beautiful bride. :)

    My best to you, her and all your family for a blessed and happy 2012, RC!
    Gina :)
    Hi RC! :)

    I think busy is good, don't you? Time passes faster and it will be Spring before you know it. You must be itching to get back home to your family, animals and friends. :)

    You are welcome! Take care of yourself. :)
    You are most welcome and thank you! :) Best to you in the new year, RC. You're going to begin a new life! :)
    I ran into my friend today and she reminded me she is Navajo, but she said Apache and Navajo language are quite similar. She told me a phrase I shoudl pass on to you. I think it was Wa ta hei. I thought I would remember but I'm not sure. Should have grabbed a pen!
    That's wonderful news, Red Crow. Congratulations!

    I work with a very dear lady whose family comes from New Mexico. I believe she did tell me a few years back she is Apache. I'll have to ask her if she's Chiricahua, too.

    I'm reading a Texas history book, and I know the Lipan Apache were prominent here, with the Comanche and Caddo.
    Hey! It's good to see you around again! I hope you enjoyed your family, friends and horses while you were on leave. :)
    That's awesome. Great to hear from you. I hope that you will have a chance to spend some holiday time at home with friends and family. Wherever you end up, may God bless you and keep you safe. And know that there are many, many of us, who are proud of your service. Thank you and take care my friend. See you around the forum.
    Yeah, dammit, that's the name I meant! My bad. Glad YOU knew what I was talking about. :)
    Welcome home, brother! As long as you made it back with all your body parts, that's all that counts.
    Red Crow! I was just wondering about you the other day. Glad to hear things are well.
    How goes it man? You still humpin' it in DesertLand or you back stateside yet? Haven't seen you on DP in a while and just thought I'd check in. Be safe man, and God bless.
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