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    Yes, I'm transgendered. Ask whatever you want too.[W:177]

    I don't really want to know anything, I just wanted to pop in to tell you that it's very brave of you to come out given today's climate. In many places in this great country of ours, it's physically unsafe to be a transperson, in addition to the number of places where it's perfectly legal to...
  2. TacticalEvilDan

    Shooting at Canadian Parlament

    Such a relief that in the midst of any tragedy, there will always be some yahoo ready, willing and able to warp the situation to fit their distorted political perspective.
  3. TacticalEvilDan

    Shooting at Canadian Parlament

    Right, because nobody ever gets away from metro cops here in the US. Oh, wait, they do all the time...
  4. TacticalEvilDan

    Shooting at Canadian Parlament

    You say that like it's relevant. It's a large area with lots of obstacles and poor lines of sight and places to hide, same as any city.
  5. TacticalEvilDan

    Shooting at Canadian Parlament

    Someone mentioned partisan nonsense earlier, and you didn't see any. Thanks for providing your own example, that was very considerate.
  6. TacticalEvilDan

    Shooting at Canadian Parlament

    Kinda like that guy who ambushed a PA trooper and STILL hasn't been located? Finding one man is no easy task when they know what they're doing and is in no way a poor reflection on the Canadian authorities.
  7. TacticalEvilDan

    Anti-war Crowd Stunningly Silent Now

    So the fact that the British government was an ocean away, that the colonists had ready access to many of the same weapons, and that the Brits were also at war with the French had nothing to do with our victory. Okay. At any rate, I guess by your logic Americans are all okay with Obama...
  8. TacticalEvilDan

    9 year old kills her shooting instructor (accidentally)[W:257, 471]

    http://abc7.com/news/weapons-instructors-children-write-letter-to-girl/307137/ Investigating... what?
  9. TacticalEvilDan

    More than 100 teens swarm Memphis plaza, 'knocking out' shoppers

    I guess you've missed the last century of American history, because it is rife with highly visible murderers and extortionists who were both white and acting as a part of organized crime. It is also rife with everyday whites acting as mobs to keep troublesome niggers in line, both within the...
  10. TacticalEvilDan

    See, Democrats Are Sexist Too.

    Many of the Senate's membership do in fact try to establish working relationships with their fellow Senators. This is likely doe at least in part to the facts that they're not running for office every two years, there aren't as many of them, and the Senate has always been the contemplative half...
  11. TacticalEvilDan

    See, Democrats Are Sexist Too.

    Maybe she's more interested in solving the problem than she is in getting into a mud-slinging match. Considering the fact that she has yet to finish her first term, she's fairly junior to a lot of other Senators and isn't going to make any of the allies that one needs in politics by calling out...
  12. TacticalEvilDan

    See, Democrats Are Sexist Too.

    You're right, it's so obvious that the unnamed Congresscritters are Democrats. Even though none were named. Even though no party affiliations were specified. John Stewart got it in one - we all know that the old men who look like someone's balls are Democrats. Case closed.
  13. TacticalEvilDan

    Mayor Forces Man To Leave Public Meeting Because He Won’t Stand During Prayer

    ... which has absolutely nothing to do with the rightness, wrongness, or validity of his opinion. That said, the mayor is an idiot and should have to pay the inevitable settlement personally.
  14. TacticalEvilDan

    Unjust judge legalizes polygamy[W:102]

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You're ruining their fantasy. They've been salivating in anticipation of this day. They're looking forward to the legalization of man-beast unions next. :lol:
  15. TacticalEvilDan

    Muslims demand breakaway Islamic nation in Norway or another [W: 28,306]

    Re: Muslims demand breakaway Islamic nation in Norway or another 9/11 threatened [W: Consider yourself cited. :D
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