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  • You do not have my permission to use that quotation as your signature. Remove it immediately, or I will take the issue to the mods.
    I thought you were already on my friend list! Since I want to kiss you, I guess we should make it official! :)
    You just made me laugh for about 30 min...

    No, it never happens

    Daily Kos:
    Strange Scene: 10 Arrested As Tea Partiers Heckle Police | TPMDC

    Teabaggers always obey the law
    Idaho GOP Leader, Tea Party Organizer Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon (a gun) | Crooks and Liars
    Republican Tea Party leader arrested for computer piracy | TG Daily
    Tea Party's Guffey arrested again » Local News » The Herald Bulletin

    Can't wait for a response :)
    So, what is your actual political leaning? I hate it when Americans describe their political philosophy as "Independent". You could be anything from a communist, to a fascist, to an anarchist, to a socialist, to a centrist liberal and so on. Its so obscure!

    I wanted to share with you what happened tonight. I ran into a "debate" with mbig about God. It is in the science section under A Must Read. To be honest I am kind of in shock at not only how he treated me, but it is in my view he hates me just because of what I believe in. Do you read that as well? It might come as something normal to you, but it is not a good feeling to be hated for something you believe in....

    I'm not expecting you to intervene. I just wanted to share with you what happened.
    Oh and dude....

    "I'm supposed to prove that I don't expect atheist extremists to understand straw men?"

    I laughed my ass off. I am learning from you. You are able to convey your point with a lot less giberish. I like.

    If you don't mind me asking, what specifically do you believe?

    Personally, I am a Christian, but I am unaware right now what specific denomination I belong to. :) Thanks again.
    Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you. A lot of what goes on with debate does take a lot of energy, especially if you are forced to painstakingly defend almost every assertion that you make. I just wanted to say, whenever I have seen your posts touch base on what my opposition has said, there has been a sigh of relief. Not only are you helping me with this burden, but I do not feel so alone in this world.

    Godspeed. And thanks.
    Just curious, are you a Buddhist? I'm asking because of your profile name and the fact that I've recently became very interested in Buddhism as a religion/philosophy.
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