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  • You can buy a disposable phone at Wall-mart for $20 and PM me that number.
    Constitutional law is fascinating and lots of fun, but it's an extremely difficult field to get into. So if you do go to law school, and you really want to go that route, make sure you intern for firms that do that very early in the process. On the other hand, one of the things about law school is that you'll probably find that several things you thought would be awful are actually quite interesting. Contract law, for instance, sounds like it should be dull as all hell, but it's intellectually complex and extremely nuanced in ways that make it far more fun than most people would imagine. I like the white collar world because it generally creates very complicated and ambiguous legal problems. Also, the clients tend to be more intelligent and less crazy than criminal defendants.
    Tigger actually doesn't know what I do for a living. I gather he's assuming I'm a criminal defense attorney. As it happens, I did intern for a public defenders office a while back, but I mostly work in white collar criminal law and in regulatory compliance. Personally, I find that street crime is really really boring from a legal perspective.
    Here is the trailer to the upcoming film Road to Apartheid (Roadmap to Apartheid by Roadmap to Apartheid — Kickstarter) They currently have a Kickstarter account and need money to actually make DVDs of the film. Since I am a poor college student I only donated a dollar, but perhaps you can donate more or email this to other people and see if they would donate.
    Made a new blog post about Cuba got me wondering and wanting to ask you what are your thoughts on the Cuban revolution? Castro? The Cuban gov? And the current state of Cuba?
    Keep it real man.
    I agree that we should remain as peaceful as possible but if the capitalistic powers come to light i still believe we should remain peaceful. We should not use violence. We should use the ballot box.
    I agree with your post for the most part on Chavez.
    If they use violence we must remain peaceful. We must not become monsters. Violence should be our last resort..

    What i think of Chavez's Venezuela? I think he is making amazingly great progress. Amazingly great progress! Think he is doing a great job and is doing awesome using the philosophy of Democratic Socialism while keeping that idea of Trotskyist permanent revolution in his mind.
    What do you think of Chvaez?
    (cont.) I believe we slowly reform the system via ballot box and get people "used to" a socialist society, and not bring it to them all the sudden because every time a revolution overthrows a gov and they seem to revolutionize society and a quick pace it has a "shock" effect and the bueracracy and the system seems to fail and collapse and does not work out in a "socialistic" manner but often quite the opposite i believe history seems to agree with me on this one. But i believe if the US reaches the stage Norway is at it would be a definite plus and would help out the people of the US and the world a great deal but i believe we dont stop there we push for a socialistic society, one where the people own the means of production, the people own the workplace, the people have a greater say in society, and basic human rights like education, water, healthcare, shelter, and food. We should work to that goal and iradicate this system of capitalism and the "free" market.
    No i was talking in general right now. Sorry for the confusion. I agree the US is quite a ways away from that i think they need to catch up on this system that seems to be doing a lot of good in the world called proportional representation. To answer this quetsion: " I'm curious what do you mean by reforming capitalism, do you want to reform it to be like Norway and leave it at that or do you prefer to go further and try to eliminate capitalism entirely?" What i mean by "reforming capitalism" is that i believe that a violent revolution is not needed in the US especially right now. I believe that we can reach socialism through the ballot box. I beleive Castro even said that guerrilla warfare is not needed throughout most parts of the world. Look at Venezeula as an example and the strides they are making and have made through democracy and the ballot box.
    Not a buddhist but my spiritual beliefs have been deeply affected by buddhism. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
    I thank people who write thoughtful comments, even if they're at war with me.
    I'm all for proportional representation in the U.S. I thought you were asking about a post-revolutionary socialist state. Sadly the U.S. is a long way from that. I agree with you on allowing multiple parties on the stage, because the system we have no sucks no matter who wins. I'm curious what do you mean by reforming capitalism, do you want to reform it to be like Norway and leave it at that or do you prefer to go further and try to eliminate capitalism entirely? Personally I'm all for trying to create a system like Norway and Sweden's for the U.S. because it is much better than our current system, but I don't think that should be our end point. Our ultimate goal should be socialism.
    Well i am all for it. I do not believing in banning parties based on their views. I however believe that every party and their candidates should have a fair chance of getting their voices heard based on proportional representation in the house. I believe that at least 4 or 5 parties should be allowed on the national debate scale for campaigning so they can have a fair shot and have their voices heard. I believe we can "reform" this capitalist system.
    Hahah a prophet.. He may be one to use leftists but to others he was a "red devil".
    Do you believe in democracy with a like a multi party system or do you believe there should only be one party? Or maybe something else? Your thoughts?
    Not a problem.
    And writings yes i have a couple saved in a political file here: Syndicalism - an introduction | libcom.org Socialized Syndicalist: What is Syndicalism?

    Ohh i love the marxist archive. Great site with many great stuff!
    Ill take a look at that asap man. Thanks for the link.
    Ive read some of Trotskys writings but not a bunch. I must say i love his view on history, he had a great mind. To bad he did not come out on top... Stalins victims probably would say the same.
    If you have any more questions or would like to discuss more about it just ask or we can start discussing.
    What are your thoughts?
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