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  • That's an understatement. Takes a special kind to stand out in that thread.
    I was kind of noticing that. Some people want to believe the party line, no matter what the facts are.
    Incredible isn't it...

    "We're going to end up like Spain, Portugal and Greece"

    "Um... how exactly is that the case?

    "Stop bringing up Europe, it's off topic"
    When you step back and assess things as they are structured, you are actually pretty good at what you do. At that point you have alot to bring to the table. Unfortunately, that is not your usual method of discussion, and you let your need to prove you have a big penis get in the way of your brain. Then you make an ass of yourself, and you usually end up saying something that sounds smart, but is actually foolish. When you are ranting, you are usually wrong. That is why I say that you make an excellent butt-end for a political compass. If you do not understand that reference, let me know, and I'll break down how the Lensatic works.
    If you type in complete, comprehensible sentences, he's never going to understand you :2razz: dirty leftist ;)
    I agree completely. I just don't get the obvious disconnect he displays on so many topics.
    I put a reply into your reading thread :) I'm pretty sure J-Macs response was one of the most incoherant sentences I've seen yet.

    Does it actually make sense or am I stupid?
    At least he appears better then some

    I cant understand how poor some are

    Phat thinks that consumption = wealth along with CpWill

    Others have no understanding of cause and effect when it comes to economics and just put out theory after theory
    Anyone that American finds that he dislikes has to be a friend of mine.
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