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  • If wisdom is acquired by one's own life experience, I agree 100%.

    Again, it means a lot to me that you took the time to say thank you, Jryan. Have a lovely, spring day!
    I don't think what I wrote is all that wise. I actually thought Smoke did a far better job than I on that thread....but either way, I'm delighted you liked it.

    What may be rare is for anyone to speak freely on such topics....especially female adult pedophiles.

    Dr. Phil did a show this week featuring a 35 year old woman who had left her family for her son's friend, aged 14. He referred to this as "an unusual love affair".

    The 'tude that the sexual abuse of children, especially male children, by female adults is "okie-dokie" makes my head explode.
    Thanks. I'm sure we'll make great allies. You'll like this guy named Catawba too. He makes some great posts.
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