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  • What did you just do to get temp suspended? How am I going to keep up with Metalgear if you get booted? Think about what you say, next time. Take care, and hurry back.
    My beard growing skills suck.

    It grows in patches, and very oddly, grows in different colours. Red and Brown, I know ****ed up lol.

    I prefer to be clean shaven.

    Why do you ask?
    HEY! Yeah...I don't visit this site as often as I should, haha...

    I've been staying current with politics, but debating with people in real life or keeping it inside, heh. Also, I've been busy.

    What's new with you?
    I have MAG BFBC2 for online play, let me see what Gamefly sends me and I'll update that.
    There are vehicles in Mag, and in BF2, I like BF2's helo's :) I used to be GOOD at flying, kinda out of practice lately.
    Oh... er... I had it from Gamefly for like 2 days, wasn't my thing. I need a mouse controller for that game. I can hang with MAG, but MW2... drove me slightly bonkers.

    I has a PS3... had one for a while. MrVicchio is my handle, send a friend req.
    I am laughing THAT'S the problem, I watched it again and went into a laughing fit.

    I just can't believe it lol.
    I can't handle this **** dude. You have unleashed the worst video ever upon us. I am losing my mind, I cannot believe that someone would put that on the internet.
    Hey, I'd just had enough of the witless, po-faced jerk off. His totally humourless, partisan attacks are as predictable as flies swarming over a corpse. I hope you've noticed that I don't make a habit of raging, but I just lost my temper a bit. I'm logging off now 'cos I may be in serious danger of a ban if I keep posting tonight.

    Take care, you big heterophobe!

    No you didn't piss me off, sorry, I do that to so many people and I don't mean to. I see it, say I'll reply after I get my breakfast or water, and then forget about it. I'm a ****ing gold fish.

    btw I overtook you in level ;) I had some ****in amazing games this morning, epicly good
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