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    I too don't have a lot of time to post. I will be working in California most of June and maybe I'll be able to log on at night to stir the pot. I've been posting more at Newsy's. I have grown tired of this place. I pop in every now and then like right now.

    Take care and PM me every now and then. I'm glad you're home for good. You've had your share of action and could write your memoirs, especially if you mention your experiences with corn in the poo or was that poo in the corn?:lol:
    Good to hear from you, my friend. I'm glad to see you're settling down, finally. I know that pretty lady of yours must be very happy, and I bet she had something to do with your decision.

    I got banned from The Political Asylum. I decided to stop playing around and hit them with everything I had, the truth. They couldn't handle the truth, so I'm back here, now and another place: Newsy's Forums, but I would have to recommend you. It is a private forum where moderation is non-existent. You can say just about anything you want. If you're interested in joining, PM me.
    Where are you, my friend? I'm back for a little while. You still out there? I hope you didn't go back to Afganny land.
    Ramzi, no, I didn't know that was your name.

    You'd be very welcome, as would the family. And Kaya - I'm guessing that IS his real name. Let's just stay in touch and, internet friendship or not, enjoy that friendship. Who knows, one day I might be honoured with a visit.

    Speak soon, arkadaşım!

    Shame. But I don't think you need sunshine to enjoy Madrid. If you had enough time you'd be very welcome to come and stay. If you do, come! Translation here isn't entirely required.
    Really pleased to hear you got back safe and sound. Have a great time in Madrid, it'd be a shame to go to the party capital of Europe and only get a passport! Weather in Spain is brilliant at the moment too. Enjoy. Hope we'll see you here a little more often now. We're in sore need of more protection from bull****. You're just the man!

    All, the best,

    Hey hey! Are you back in Europe? How've you been, arkadaşım? Keeping safe, I hope. Kaya's been keeping us slightly informed, but it would be great to see you kicking ass on the forum again.

    All the best, Buddy!
    i uploaded your picture from the cam just save it to your desktop and upload it here
    I really shouldn't drink and post! Best of luck and stay safe. I've got a mate working for the UK in Kabul (his partner's there too, actually) and he says it's not unremittingly grim. I guess it depends where you're going to be based and what you're going to be doing. I'm not asking, but wishing you all the best.
    Yup, I have the best excuse. And that makes me feel a little icky, like Brussel Sprouts do.
    I haven't worked you out yet. You live in Copenhagen, engage enthusiastically in issues around Turkey (and certain uninhibited sexual activities!!) but talk and piss-take like an Englishman. I may be reading you very wrong, but I kind of like the ambiguities.

    Back from work now.
    Pip pip,
    Hey Big Dane! Hope you're well. Got to dash to work but keep up the good work with the Turk-haters. They're a piece of work, ain't they?
    Hi MetalGear,
    Thanks for the message and the compliment. Looking forward to bumping into you elsewhere on the forum. I have noticed a few of your contribs and they too are thoughtful and you've got a good line in smack, too. Pip pip!
    :2wave: Let's be friends :mrgreen:. Unless you turn out to really be that guy who jumped out the window. Then, it's curtains!!!
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