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  • This looks like a good group for me to join. Sometimes I just tire of talking to the enemy.

    May I join?
    i am glad that things are well with you. i am home in Johannesburg now. i am going to try and stay for a few months. life has been great to me with Mia and the kids. i hope that you enjoy your holidays. hugzzzz
    how are you doing. i have not been on for about a month. i hope all is good in your corner of the world.
    Caught an awesome UVM-NB college hockey game on Sunday night in Burlington too - all great fun.
    I have to say, it WAS pretty damn nice. The news was not all yelling, the daily paper was interesting, the people seemed nice, even if I couldn't understand any street signs (Montreal was all in French, LOL). Great food, awesome museums, stunning architecture, beautiful hotels, me and hubs had a real great time. Wouldn't mind going back at all :)
    Hey! :2wave: We went away for a week - family weekend @ our daughter's college in Burlington, VT, then Sun-Thurs in Montreal. Very fun. I thought I'd catch up on the news, but I seem to be sucked into basement threads. That Felicity banning was pretty weird (that was posted upstairs, right, hope I'm not violating the 'Vegas' rule !
    Thank you Joe. I am happy that you were able to share her love of life and sense of humor.
    Del always told me that you made her laugh. thank you for all of her smiles.
    Alice (Del's wife)
    No I don't think it does for Jall. He flames and insults in every post and is impervious to the rules. Apparently by that post he made this has been going on here for four years without him getting suspended (as he put it). I was just wondering why this special rule can't be applied to everybody across the board...simple as that.
    Hi there. I am walking again with no cans or walker. This is the first time since about 1973 that I have done this. It has been hard but I am getting there. Hooray.

    How are you? I hope you are well. Hugs
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