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    Whatever happened to anthrax?

    Why did they stop. They aren't being caught and I find it dificult to believe that they had a change of heart so why....:confused:
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    What if there is no God?

    I think that the bible is what really happened, to an extent....The church has mangled it though to suit their own purpose... the church needs the bible but the bible doesn't need the church...
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    What if there is no God?

    I believe in God and I believe in the bible but for me , I've lost faith in the church...too many gaps, too many mysteries...
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    The Elegant Universe: a PBS treasure

    I'll check it out.... I should hope so...you know being the most complex train of thought we have known so far...
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    The Elegant Universe: a PBS treasure

    I watched that movie for my physics class....personally I didn't like it. You had to wade through about 2 1/2 hours of redundantly repetitous information to get to the 1/2 hour of decent information. String theory's alright i suppose....the whole 11 dimensions of space time along with the...
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    Cryptozoology is what exactly? That new animals will be discovered continuously...or.... myths are real....that website had several big-foot, chupacabra, loch ness, abominable snowman reportings....
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    Whatever happened to anthrax?

    correct me if I'm wrong.. I thought that I read that they haven't caught the person responisible yet....and according to that website the FBI is still working on it...I refuse to believe that the almighty FBI can be beaten...but I that isn't that bad of a problem in my mind...the problem exists...
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    Whatever happened to anthrax?

    of course....
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    Moussaoui gets life in prison

    my local news station said that when he was convicted and given life in prison he simply stood up, smiled ,and said "America you have lost and I have won" before he was escorted out....
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    Prankster flying High..

    i like pranks... once I scanned my school i.d. badge and I cut my picture out of it and put a picture of chuck norris in it's place...I got threatened with suspension... and then there was the time I put $7.75 in my lunch account- in quarters- every quarter having it's own envelope...I got...
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    How can we combat gas prices?

    he is right that hydrogen is just a carrier of energy, but essentially it is a 'battery' that can hold a lot more energy than any other source...I think that hydrogen is a better source of fuel than oil...but the one and only reason that we haven't changed is simply because our government is...
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    My Plan For Immigration:

    maybe a giant fence.....with barbed wire and gaurd dogs and lights, you know the whole bit...:doh
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    The Grading Scale

    so in order to survive they choose a job with terrible pay where they have to mentor kids who, according to you, they don't like....huh...seems...logical...:doh
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    Where are Liberal Assets?

    I believe that you could very well be the angriest person that I have ever met... could you provide a source for that please... I actually agree with that one...
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    The Grading Scale

    I don't know your current situation, but if the problem isn't you than shouldn't you have an easy time going about fixing it....you say that you know the material, and most of the work that I've seen is simply memorizing a bit of info and reguritating it back to the teacher...you should have no...
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