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  • The best path is the same as has always been. Remove the Assad regime and help to install a transitional democratic government beholden to the UN. Then, secure that movement via international foreign aid and development projects. As long as Assad remains a brutal dictator spending all of Syria's money on weapons, the country will fail to move forward.
    Ecofarm, I have a question regarding Syria. Given the current situation (The conflicting chemical attack accusations, the UK's refusal to go in), what do you think is the best path right now?
    I have a question about democratic peace theory. Does it hold true with a government that is democratic but governs foreign colonies undemocratically, like Britain did with its African and Asian colonies in the 20th century?
    I've had culture shock ~6 times, this my second in reverse and first time aware of such. Without internet mitigation, I figure it'd be heavy. I hadn't spent time with friends since returning to the states until the past couple days. I can't say I noticed anything on my return from Europe or other travels. It's weird and not just political, traditions, ethnics or anthroblahblah. It's a slightly different angle, style or perspective; it's different.
    Not bad, ML, not bad at all. I'll leave out the part about the time I was 1000% wrong.
    Based on our playing of Mafia together, you should change your member title to ACTIVATE: Real Card
    I find Master and Man, and Crime and Punishment, to be the anti-venom regarding Niet, Mach and Rand. I'll check out the novel you recommended in thread. Five-star (my favorite) Irving novels:

    Setting Free the Bears (1968)
    The 158-Pound Marriage (1974)
    The World According to Garp (1978)
    The Hotel New Hampshire (1981)
    A Prayer for Owen Meany (1989)
    A Widow for One Year (1998)
    In order to stop hijacking the Hubbard Rand thread, I decided to go with the visitor message here. Thanks for the Tolstoy and Irving recommendations. Master and Man was very interesting. I'll have to read the rest of his stuff now.
    Hey, what's up? What's it like in Kenya right now? Wet or hot? Just curious, since Kenya's one of those way-out-there countries.
    Little by little the System Model (ethnographic linear programming) and the dissertation write-up are coming along. I'll be here another ~8 months and then finish the write-up back at Uni.
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