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    Child Support Payback

    Honestly, I can't believe the lengths these people will go to to support it. Ask them if they think men should be able to give up all child support, custody, etc. in one fell swoop. They say no. Ask them if they think women should be able to do that. They say yes, safe havens are justified...
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    Child Support Payback

    It's not necessarily abuse, it could also be considered negligent in some situations. But if you're wondering why year2late supports that, it's because she is pro woman. She doesn't care about men or children. We've gotten to the point where feminists have concluded that they aren't making the...
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    Democrats and liberals - are you sick of the SJW Left?

    What's an SJW? Does that include men's rights activism? If so, then no, I'm not fed up with it. I think the ultra left does not include MRA's, and that feminism has become largely a right wing phenomenon. Think about it. Feminists want an authoritarian government. What you call the "ultra left"...
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    When Guns are Good

    Priorities: Guns Cats Husband It's only a matter of time before Trump pardons her and nominates her for national security advisor.
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    What will replace Craigslist personal ads?

    Have sex with an older man.
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    Re: pro-life This is a gynocentric explanation of "anti choice." Generally speaking, "anti choice" makes someone become a parent against their will. Whether it's coming out of your body or your bank account, no one should be obligated to their former sexual partner because of a child. How can...
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    Your guess on the missing Melania mystery?

    Hahaha... I thought that said Democratic nuns. I've been spending too much time on Debate Politics.
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    Male Opt Out

    So then women can opt of motherhood. Don't have sex. Use a condom. Have a hystorectomy. Either you have made an argument against abortion or you believe women are superior to men. You are a bigot.
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    Abortion and the Earnings Gap

    I think it's pretty obvious, women make a choice, and men pick up the tab. I'm a man. If I make a choice, does a women pick up the tab because I feel like it? No, because I'm a man. I pick up after myself. I don't expect other people to carry around my business for me because I'm male. Women...
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    Abortion and the Earnings Gap

    Did you really just ask me what's abusive about not allowing women abortions? I can't tell because your punctuation is so goddamn terrible your posts are practically unreadable. Perfect explanation for why forced fatherhood benefits the state. Right now men are picking up the tab by being held...
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    Abortion and the Earnings Gap

    Give me a break. You don't give a **** about protecting men. You think we should erect barriers between men and women. You want to sterilize men. Rendering a party impotent to perform some action is another form of state control over that party, isn't it? Do you think that banning guns will help...
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    Child Support Payback

    year2late, why are you still acting like women can't put a child up for adoption? We know that women can do this freely and without permission from men. If a woman does not feel she wants to have an abortion, nor does she feel prepared to be a mother, then she need not do either. Stop...
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    Male Opt Out

    Wrong. A pregnant woman can opt out of parenthood in a couple of different ways. She can take a pill. She can get an abortion. She can put the child up for adoption with or without permission from anyone else. Medically or not, women have options. Men have no options, which is why we call it...
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