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Yup. I did it

On the bucket list for like 20 years, an finally had a chance to do so.


It's like floating, not like falling, especially after the chute is open.
Bless you, crazy person.
:thumbs: :congrats: Gonna go again sometime?

Greetings, Oehrnberger. :2wave:
You are a bigger man than me. I just don't think I can jump.
What struck me was the silence when the chute opened, compared to all the noise, wind, engine, etc. of a moment before.
Welcome to the club!

I imagine for your first jump time was a blur. If you do more jumps you will find that it seems as if time slows to a crawl during your freefall.

And in response to Ray's comment.. yes the sudden tranquility of that open canopy is an amazing contrast to the rush of the freefall, but of course that is not why we do it now is it? :2razz:
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