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Storm Opens Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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Tropical Storm Agatha Opens Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City - AOL News

It looks like a gateway to hell. A 200-foot-deep sinkhole in the north of Guatemala City suddenly opened up in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Agatha, pulling a three-story building and a residential home into the bowels of the earth.

The colossal chasm is just the latest sign of the chaos caused by this weekend's wild and violent weather, which killed at least 145 people across Central America. Agatha dumped more than three feet of rain on Guatemala and El Salvador over the weekend, causing rivers to burst their banks and hills to collapse into floods of slurry. The sinkhole, a nearly perfect circular shaft wider than a street intersection, appeared soon after the storm stopped lashing the capital.

Outside of Guatemala City, Agatha has taken an especially heavy toll. Officials report that at least 120 people are dead across the country and 53 missing. The municipality of Chimaltenango -- some 35 miles west of the capital -- was hit especially hard. Landslides entombed dozens of rural Indian communities, killing at least 60 people, local Gov. Erick de Leon told reporters.

Wow - that's shocking just to look at.
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Holy Fudgekins!

Thats HUGE

2010? :lol: :shock:
When I first saw the photo, I was absolutely convinced it was a photoshop.
I thought it was Pelosi with her mouth open.
When I first saw the photo, I was absolutely convinced it was a photoshop.

Same here! I was shocked - it's such a perfect black bottom *hole* in the ground like straight out of a curse.
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