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  • Please excuse THE idiotic American right wing hacks on this broad, because it does get a little bit tiring to hearing I am anti Semitic when I doubt IDF version of the story. When they say you don't understand the freedom of speech statemented in the constitution is kind of stupid, since you understand it pretty well actually.
    Your welcome, I love it as well it very in-lighting I think when you learn about it. Right know I am brushing up on the palatine-Israeli conflict its a fun read. But I I am someone who is a Pacifist, so I may not be in favor of any side on this, but I can see why some people fight I am a militant pacifist like my favorite scientist Albert Einstein . See we both would fight to insure peace, and he also got me in involved in too science when I read about him.
    Xd Yeah It awesome to be around all the history in your figure tips I am a history freak, so it freaking cool to me. I also like your avatar as well very cool. And crazyMcool you might want to post your message on my wall, so I can get i, and know that you repelled too it .
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