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  • Man I don't know. We all tell mistruths, etc. I try my best to live for Karma. God has given me lots of breaks because I tell the truth even when it is not in my best interest. Honestly it is a question just for questions sake.
    Man you have the patience of Job with the Bman! Don't know how you maintain it with him.
    Obama declares June LGBT Pride month. Here's how the conservatives in the inevitable thread will handle it:
    "If we had a straight parade/white parade/christian parade them damn liberals would freak out."
    "Militant gays."
    Some reference to "down our throats," not understanding the irony of their Freudian choice of phrases.
    "Radical agenda."
    Reference to an attack on Christianity/family values, as if they were somehow a victim here.
    Posted 8pm CST.
    I just stumbled into the thread on Rand Paul. Your replies are right on target. Nicely done!
    Hey Deuce, I've recently taken a second job so had to cut back on my online time. Will probably spend what little time I have on this forum:
    Political Props - Political Forum

    I like it better than here. Come over and check it out!

    All the best to you!
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