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Major bust in Tijuana nets 115 tons of marijuana


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Apr 25, 2009
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Riverside, County, CA.
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That ain't no strawberry field Virginia.

115 tons of pot? I remember when 20 lbs. was a lot and 100 lbs was a great bust.
There was a time when you might hear a reporter or law enforcement official say heads will roll over this, and I am not making a joke because the sad truth is now it's the enforcement people on BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER who must remain an high alert every second of every day or face sure death at the hands of the Mexican drug Lords.

Again no joke but I wonder if they were stocking up already for the passing of Prop-19 in California? Or would it go bad or dry out or what ever it does when is sets around for a long time.

I honestly don't know.

I do think there will next be a very devastating and bloody round of retaliation and I pray it stays in Baja.

Gen. Alfonso Duarte Múgica, commander of the Mexican Army’s Second Military Zone in Baja California, had better be on his toes because he will be a target now for sure.

TIJUANA was once a great place for a fun time on Friday of Saturday night when I was a kid but those will for ever be the good old days and you could not get me down there in less than The M1A2 Abrams main battle tank fully equipped an armed.

Major bust in Tijuana nets 115 tons of marijuana - SignOnSanDiego.com
TIJUANA — It started with some police officers noticing a suspicious convoy of vehicles moving through a neighborhood in eastern Tijuana late Sunday, turned into a shootout and ended with the Monday seizure of 115 tons of marijuana — an unprecedented bust for Baja California.

The processed pot, about 230,000 pounds of it, could fetch about half a billion dollars on the street in the United States, according to one criminology source.

Eleven suspects were under arrest as of Monday evening. One of them was being treated for injuries sustained in the confrontation. One police officer also was injured.
The demonization of marijuana continues.
It's just weed ....

Don't worry it will grow back
That's a hell of a lot of weed.

I recommend that they burn it (since I think they will have to destroy it at some point) in a giant bonfire upwind of *insert your location here* :mrgreen:
Damn, I guess this means I'll have to pay a few extra dollars for a baggie. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to spend that much less on things like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Doritos, Mountain Dew and all those other stoner staples that are a part of the legal economy. Or maybe I can go commit some crimes to scrounge up the funds to fuel my habit.

Either way, my inelastic demand for dope means I'll pay what it takes to get more, and there will inevitably be people willing to make an easy buck by taking the small risk of being caught involved in catering to that demand.

Overall, was this an efficacious use of tax dollars? Was it really worth going a few billion dollars deeper into China's debt in order to slightly inconvenience my plans of toking up and playing x-box games?
On a related note, I’m curious about what happens to the national rates of theft and robbery right after the feds make a major drug bust and cause drug prices to rise. Very ironic to consider that the feds could be (and probably are) INCREASING crime by interdicting drugs.
Can someone tell me where all of this confiscated product ends up?
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