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  • Hello,

    Join our new small forum we need more people on it. You can find our forum via the site The Workers People's Party then going to the home heading and clicking on Party Forum or by going to this link The Peoples Movement Forum • Index page
    I'm going to put this in my signature, thought you might like it, as well: Innaharda ehna kullina Misryeen! (Today, we're all Egyptians!)

    It's a play on what John F. Kennedy said in 1963 when speaking in Berlin and urging the toppling of the Berlin Wall: Ich bin ein berliner. (I am a Berliner).

    I celebrate with you, Laila. :D
    Well, I read about Somalia because of the situation there so I have seen the flag a number of times, plus it's not like the other 90% of flags where it's just three stripes of different colors with an occasional picture in the middle.
    Thanks Laila- Almost on the exact hour you were 3 mins off! Talk about imperfection. It's ok though you just need practice. You can try and do better at New Years. Thanks Robin.
    Your welcome, I just pisses me off most of the time when they make you sound like you support this stuff. Which I know you don't.
    I am doing very good actually right know I'm listening to Beck claiming he is pro Israel, and Pro Jewish which I tend to laugh at that lol.

    Beck: "There is no one more pro-Israel or more pro-Jew than I am" They have documented cases that he is not Pro Jewish.
    lol It funny really I 'mjust am one those people that want people to actually learn a little bit, so they wouldn't make stupid claims about things they know nothing about.....

    Basically I say this to be true

    Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.
    Yeah, it kind of sad the reactionaries are making it tough for folks to actually debate things like Religion. Religion is one of my interest, since I am an atheist I like to be knowledgeable about the thing I am debating.

    So I don't condom people for their religious belief I actually try to learn more about them instead.
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