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Many times I wonder if I'll actually do anything with my life. I mean, I'm in college and all at the moment, but I don't feel as if I'll be able to get a job when I get out. As of recent I have been looking for a legit job, but have been unable to find one and its been that way for quite a while. I apply for a job and call and call and call and I never get a response. Still, beyond that, I have a feeling that I just won't make it in life. I'm joining the USMC after college, but the thing is is that I always have had a bad relationship with institutions. So far, every single institution I've been in, I've highly disliked and left there running, only to go back into an institution. I feel as if I just won't be able to be myself and have people actually like me for me, even with all my flaws. I really don't know what to do. I'll most likely end up running from here and if I run after the Marines, where will I go? I really don't have anything much going for me.
Yeah, I hear ya. I'm in a similar predicament with the job options (or lack thereof). Find something you are good at and start your own business. Round up that entrepreneurial spirit.
Looking for a job is always hard...especially the first one. I applied to like 30 companies and did countless interviews before finding my first job after moving/university. I have never had to look since, go figure. That's just how it is. I was dismayed, confused, concerned...its' the unknown that does that. In reality, if you're nice and moderately smart, and hard working, you're way ahead of most even if you have no job yet (!), you have a lot going for you. Stay focused, work at it, it will give in eventually. Don't be concered about failures while job hunting, at all. Non-returned calls, all that...it's meaningless, just keep going.

Don't be afraid to take a lower paying (put keep it a professional job) to pay the bills while you keep looking. And don't treat it as a temp job...treat it like it's the best job ever. At worst, move to a big city with a low cost of living, always more opportunity.

When at work or interviewing, it's all about the work, and how you can help them succeed. Never about the money, or benefits (early on especially). You're green, what you have to offer is enthuasim, potential, and a killer work ethic. Focus on work, work work, overtime without pay...gladly. Be professional, honest, and learn everything you touch with regards to your job, constantly. And at best, find someone who is a success and help them succeed (and learn from them). Employers cannot resist people with that attitude, if the employer is worth a damn. Neither can customers.
I'm worried about (after-college). My grades aren't so hot. I fo to a very good college but without a 3.0 or a 3.2, I won't be 'set-up' with the banging internships and people aren't going to be dying to hire me.

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