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Is your partner politically minded?


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May 11, 2010
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Mine is.

He used to be a member of the youth socialist party. He left, because he said they all seem to abandon their ideals, when they take on politics as a career.
For the most part my wife isn't very political. There are some issues she is very interested in (medical and educational ones for the most part) but she's not generally interested in politics or philosophical discussions.
Yes. She's on JKL:/; right now.

ASDF is a little jealous though. She's a leftie.
I've never been with someone who shared my interest in politics.
Yes He is, very much so.

My wife is very nonpolitical but has strong opinions about what is right and wrong for society. She tends to not focus on it because her ideology was strongly opposed by her family as she was growing up.

(she is a liberal and her dad is a hard core Church of God preacher who has a habit of flipping out at opinions he does not agree with. I tend to stay quiet around them as well.)
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My husband's in the military - going on year 17 - yep - he's very politically minded, steps right in it all the time.
We're polar opposite on a lot of political issues, too.
Yes: left-leaning. More left-libertarian (a sort of upgraded version of his youthful anarchism) as opposed to my socialist-type liberalism.
my partner is just to the right of me, and doesn't say much about politics :mrgreen:
My husband is who got me into politics.
And here I am - stuck in the middle with youuuu

not even my dick is big enough to go across both the indian and south atlantic ocean, so we'll go back to my original implication that i was referring to my right hand :)

My husband's in the military - going on year 17 - yep - he's very politically minded, steps right in it all the time.
We're polar opposite on a lot of political issues, too.

How's that possible if you're a moderate?
How's that possible if you're a moderate?

I guess it depends on why someone is moderate. I figured I'm moderate because I only agree with maybe 1/2 of what's considered 'conservative' and 1/2 of what's considered 'liberal' agendas, etc.

On some issues I'm conservative while on other issues I'm liberal - some issues I'm neutral . . . it depends on what it is. Usually on these things my husband and I differ - we're polar opposites.

For example - some ways I'm liberal while he's conservative:
Gays in the military. He's against any and all alteration of DADT and so forth - I'm pro-ending DADT.
Abortion: I'm pro-choice and he's definitely not.
Fiscal issues: I'm pro-medicare and welfare expansion, etc, he's not.

But in other ways he's liberal and I'm conservative:
Military war-time involvement in international conflicts: He's against things that don't initially involve us, I'm not.
Legalization/control of drugs: He feels some drugs are illegal or carded when they shouldn't be, I don't feel the same way.
Sanctity of Marriage: I believe it should be firmly adhered to, he doesn't.

In fact - it's like this for us with almost every issue that comes up. The only things we really 100% agree on are financial issues: taxes, the government's spending practices, how best to save money, not going into debt, etc etc.
ok, i'll bite........please explain this sanctity of marriage difference.
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