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Hi It's Davo. :D (1 Viewer)


Mar 22, 2006
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Hello, I know most of you dont know me but I've been watching your bulletin board for a couple of days now. I'm really interested in making friends here since I've noticed people who are very dedicated to following politics(much like myself). Anyway, I'm 17 years old(soon to be 18). I've lived outside of my country of origin 16/17ths of my life. My mom has a medium sized company that deals with fashion so we move alot depending on wich country she feels like working in next. So yeah I'm really glad to meet you all(conservatives and liberals alike) and hope to debate a few points of my interest with you. Yes Davo is my real name and I dont consider myself a liberal or conservative. I've never liked categorization cause I find it leads to disputes and worthless arguments that instead of uniting us divide us; so please do not be offended if I lash out at you for calling me a "liberal".

PS : My english(Wich is among the 4 other languages I was sort of forced to learn) is not as up to date as yours so forgive me if I make grammatical mistakes.

Truly yours - Davo :D
Hello Davo!:2wave:

Awesome - welcome do Debate Politics!

What country (if I may ask) are you in now?

btw, your English is excellent.
vauge said:
Awesome - welcome do Debate Politics!

What country (if I may ask) are you in now?

btw, your English is excellent.

I was born in Cuba. And I'm living in Montreal, Canada(for now). And thx :D
Welcome to DP, Davo! :2wave:

Hope you enjoy the place, always good to get some young blood in here



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