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  • Hi, I tried using the Report function to ask a question but no reply. I use the peace sign a lot and now it is so small it looks like a yellow blob. I would appreciate the sign being restored to its former glory, thanks Mike
    If you find their size unsatisfactory, you can make them bigger. Just select them like you would text, and use the font size to pick how big you want it.

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    I would like to make a one-time donation of $50. Can you facilitate that for me? The "Donate" function does not allow it, and it would not allow me to make a $10 monthly donation. I do not want to create a Pay Pal account.

    This shouldn't be rocket science.
    HEY Schweddy new 2 this site. Sent u friend request. Put my 1st thread up n Super Libs attacked me like I kidnapped their mother for what I saw as a mostly non bias blog. WOW these ultra lefty "love every1" people are obnoxious,agressive .
    HI Schweddy,
    Thank you for your message. I have been trying to reply to a post but the system is telling me I have to read and agree to the rules. That would be great, except that the rules link redirects me to a blank page. Can you help?
    Hi vauge,

    The final page of the 'Would you vote for a Muslim POTUS' thread has something (could it be a video???) that repeatedly (four times already at least) freezes my browser. I have no clue who or what might have done this. But, I hope you can get your magic tech elves on it so the conversation can continue.



    P.S. It would be helpful if there was an easily accessable link to reach a/the moderator(s) without bothering you.
    Cool ...thanks. It is good to put a face with a voice. I have never visited the tavern so I will take a tour.

    Good job on a civil free speech forum!
    I've been warned and banned from some threads for indecent comments, and that's why I like this place. Keep up the good work.
    I express my wish to see you out in the forums occasionally again. Maybe you could set aside one day a week where you post for a couple hours even. I know you're busy, but.....
    Will ease into this but do appreciate the welcome!
    Thank you for the kind welcome. I'm just getting set up so I will start looking around and getting my feet wet.
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