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  • 🍷ing again. Habitually uninformed of the facts. I expect Enjoy the rest of your day means I'm reporting you.
    😂😂 probably. He can report me all he wants, or any of us, but if we aren’t breaking the rules, then he’s just a boil on the ass of the moderation team.
    Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day :)
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    Thank you!
    soap box
    soap box
    Did you know that October 29th is the anniversary of the stock market crash in 1929 that led to the great depression? Do you know how I know this?
    soap box
    soap box
    I know because it's my birthday too 🎉
    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Superfly. ;)

    Keep the hair metal down so you don't piss off the neighbors.
    Retsina - Wikipedia
    I had it while traveling in Europe. Great mouth feel, great first taste until you are left thinking you just sampled turpentine. I must say though, it cuts through the rather rich Greek food quite well.
    Recalling the great memories of our loved ones helps, might also make us miss them even more. Greek pizza and wine, great combination, unless you are tempted to try retsina. Yikes, if there's ever an acquired taste, that is it. Hug back
    That girl is dead? Dang.

    And I don’t recognize her. Other than the fact that she looks like Jeannine Pirro.
    Nah, that's a different woman - I think she's dead.

    Sara A Carter is one of the Hannity "journalists" that is always claiming to have secret sources, who allegedly say Obama, Clinton, and Comey are going to jail any day.

    You've probably seen her face before.

    Oddly enough, I just joined Twitter to troll Sara Carter (MAGA nutcase that works for Hannity).

    You have to watch Oz. It's as good as the Sopranos or BB. Fair warning: lots of dudes banging each others asses, so maybe not safe around your daughters.
    Coppola's got nothing on Sharon Stone in Casino.

    Do you guys watch more mob movies or horror movies? Please say the former.
    Just keep them away from the third movie. They might hurt you for showing them that POS.

    Have they watched the Sopranos yet?
    Your PM box was full, so I'll just post this here.

    I wanted to thank you for going after you-know-who in that thread. He's such an asshole to me (and pretty much everyone, really), and he always tries to piss me off.
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