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  • Happy New Year, MP!

    Thank you, my friend. My neighbors are all doctors and lawyers offices so they are closed tomorrow. You’d be more likely to find me blasting some Buddy Guy than hair bands, though. I reserve loud hair band music for when my girls work my nerves.
    Thanks, luv. Greek pizza, wine and a movie. And I didn’t cook for three days. :lol: I may be on to something.
    Is Sara Carter that girl who sang country music? Seems like way back in the day, when I used to listen to Hannity, he was trying to promote this singer. Sara something or other.

    And thanks for the tip on Oz.
    I absolutely love Kirk Acevedo (Miguel), and oddly enough, I've never seen Oz.

    Acevedo is the only celebrity who follows me on Twitter. :lol:
    The girls never got into many mob movies but I have always been a fan. I am working on changing that now. One of my favorites is a little known Danny Aiello movie called Dinner Rush.
    No when it was first run, they were way too young. And I might let them watch the third one, just to let them see Sofia Coppola die. :lol: I love the second one. It’s my favorite, by far.
    Hey bud. Saw this a little late to watch tonight. Stayed up later than normal watching The Godfather with my daughters. Never to early to get them hooked, eh?
    Yes, but at the moment more on F1, today in Bahrain. And from endurance it is mostly just the 24 hours of Le Mans, that is a really exiting race. Not that much follower of MotoGP.
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