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  1. Richard Nixon

    Blair: UK could still join Euro in the future

    I enjoy the frantic worry about debt that seems to fascinate people these days. Government debt works on some empyrean level away from our common macroeconomics. As Pete says most of the people that hold government debt are people and companies that would be hurt if there were ever to be a...
  2. Richard Nixon

    Report: Hugo Chávez in Critical Condition In Cuban Hospital

    I wouldn't wish death on anyone except the most vile of people and leaders. Gaddafi, for instance, is someone who the world would probably better see dead, as was Saddam and as will be Mullah Omar. Chavez, though, is just a dramatic old socialist who rather than wax lyrical about his...
  3. Richard Nixon

    Anonymous declares war on Turkish Government

    I admire the social action to stop censorship but this group - or this collection of basement dwellers who loosely understand the nature of political and social freedoms - are criminals. Do we forget that they illegally hacked the PSN network, potentially exposing the financial details of...
  4. Richard Nixon

    "All Black People" Asked to Leave S. Jersey Wal-Mart

    Haha. Wow. Seriously?
  5. Richard Nixon

    Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency

    Well, about the time of Bretton Woods it was the intention of Keynes to have the new establishments to have a single world currency as a reserve. I think it'd be a lot better.
  6. Richard Nixon

    US policeman 'draws gun' at Washington snowball fight

    Hahaha. Fantastic. Anyone else get images of the two cops from Superbad?
  7. Richard Nixon

    D.C. sniper mastermind set to be executed Tuesday

    And the right to live until 'God' or whoever else chooses his time to die. When man assumes they have the knowledge to choose who should die and who should live we have a huge double-standard issue. I mean, let's say random liberal A wants to execute George Bush for war crimes and leading...
  8. Richard Nixon

    Modern Warfare 2 Opens with Terror

    We can stamp on the head of old women and children, cut the throats of randomers in the street, cause massive damage to buildings in games...but a realistic, current-affairs-related game scenario gets so much heat? YEEEEEAH. I mean, as long as it's the other side.
  9. Richard Nixon

    D.C. sniper mastermind set to be executed Tuesday

    If you just execute someone outright you set a dangerous precedent. The law is not infallible and neither is mob justice. Any person regardless of the act has to be afforded basic human rights. To say that they shouldn't as they took the rights of their victims is a ridiculous double-standard...
  10. Richard Nixon

    George W. Bush Secretly Visits Fort Hood Victims

    This is the Bush I like. A normal man. Not that weird neo-liberal war monger.
  11. Richard Nixon

    D.C. sniper mastermind set to be executed Tuesday

    Such high-profile people do. They have isolation centres in prison for these people these days that basically cuts them off from the outside world.
  12. Richard Nixon

    Koreas Exchange Fire on disputed sea border

    Is this to be a convential war, though? The North is basically a massive guerrilla army in disguise.
  13. Richard Nixon

    Koreas Exchange Fire on disputed sea border

    Haha. Terrible in a good way. Brings up some interesting diplomacy issues for the six-party talks. If it does develop into war can the US really afford to lend the south financial and military aid? Who will China support?
  14. Richard Nixon

    D.C. sniper mastermind set to be executed Tuesday

    Pretty much, Aps. Don't make a martyr out of him. Make a withering, pathetic mess of a man living in isolation and surviving on bread and water.
  15. Richard Nixon

    D.C. sniper mastermind set to be executed Tuesday

    The amount execution costs the taxpayer is ludicrous. You can keep him rotting in a cell on his own forever for cheaper.
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