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  1. guns_God_glory

    Shameful Hillary throws the racist card

    Whoa!!! Hilary? Apoligize? Hilary is a media hound. she will do anything and smear anyone she can to get a little attention . Could this be an example of what the election of 08 will be like?
  2. guns_God_glory

    Abortion...Her choice

    Now it takes a male and female to make a child. Why then is the female the only one who can choose wether to kill her baby or not. I mean if the dad wants out he gets stuck with child support but all the mom has to do is kill the baby. I'm just saying that it should be left up to the decision of...
  3. guns_God_glory

    What is the most boring professional sport?

    Golf yes baseball yes now nascar i don't think so.
  4. guns_God_glory


    The deaths that were used to start this war were the deaths of civilians who did not provoke anyone into attacking and who weren't willing to die. These soldiers know what is in store for them and they know that they could die over there. They still go. Their deaths should not be used as a...
  5. guns_God_glory


    She is using her sons death as a weight in her political debute. Like Michael Moore i doubt she cares about her "cause" more than she does trying to make the president look stupid.
  6. guns_God_glory


    How do you all feel about Mrs. Sheehan? I'm sympathetic to her situation although her cause I am not. Let me know what you think.
  7. guns_God_glory

    Over There

    Anyone seen this show on FX? It follows several troops in Iraq, a little graphic, similar to Saving Private Ryan. Let me know what you think. Wednesdays 10pm est.
  8. guns_God_glory

    sick of support our troops ribbons

    Spakingof people i can't stand Where was all of her "Patriotic Activisom" before her son was killed? Did she just now realize that death is a part of war? Let Casey rest in Peace.
  9. guns_God_glory

    sick of support our troops ribbons

    Been rollin this one around in my head since i started to see them around on the back of cars. You got to ask yourself do the peope making these ribbons really care about our troops or are they to busy counting profits? I doubt these profits support our troops. :cowboy:
  10. guns_God_glory

    Abortian and Original Sin

    Not for the death penalty but thats not what i want to get into. The thing is killing any other human is WRONG be it a baby inside a woman or a cereal killer.
  11. guns_God_glory

    Please Boycott the following liberal rock bands

    Just because you likethe msic does't mean you like th peope the make the music. Besides most rock bands are liberal. You can make it easy on yourself and jut listen to country which is the polar opposite being primarily conservative. Toby Keith is my jams.
  12. guns_God_glory

    Are abortionists just lazy and irresponsible women?

    Re: Is it worth the risk? Yeah the woman is the only person who has the right to determine this the input of the man who she couldn't have done it without is completely worthless, OK back to reality. The mother AND father should have discussed wether or not they can adequately provide for a...
  13. guns_God_glory

    Are abortionists just lazy and irresponsible women?

    Then use protection. Its that easy.
  14. guns_God_glory


    Completely different intentions.
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