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  1. Gaztopian

    Melania Trump Orders Removal of Near-200-Year-Old Tree From White House [W:451]

    That's the Trumps for ya: if it can't be made into money, it needs to go.
  2. Gaztopian

    Fraudulent Warmist Conspiracy Theorizing

    Warmists? Oh dear; now I've seen it all.
  3. Gaztopian

    Does God love you?[W:925]

    Re: Does God love you? That's in the knowledge of God. Most importantly though, any monotheist who claims otherwise needs to revisit his scriptures.
  4. Gaztopian

    Childlike Sex Dolls

    I've known about this for a while, and I remain undecided. There's strong evidence that fantastical satisfaction of pedophilia curbs sex crimes against children by providing a seemingly benign outlet for such deviant urges. Japan is touted as an exemplar of the claim; it's a country with an...
  5. Gaztopian

    In July 2016 Trump called on The Kremlin to hack his opponents emails.

    How shocking it is to see the habitual deflection and rationalization from the most ardent Trumpers. In the comfort of their ineptitude and adoration for their greatest benefactor, Wikileaks, they're ready to abandon all reason, even if it pertains to the country's top priority, national...
  6. Gaztopian

    Viral Story Of Boy Who Died In Santa’s Arms Begins To Unravel

    And people say I have no sentimentality when I steer clear from such stories or fail to have any reaction. Well, maybe I'm unsentimental, but at least I'm not a sucker :lol:
  7. Gaztopian

    Trump Accuses China of Stealing Drone in "Unpresidented" Move

    I appreciate your premise and I conform to it, but this is a poor application of it. In itself, language usage is trivial to crucial affairs and criticizing a public official on it may seem petty, though in reality, it matters, as it contributes to the tone of public office and people's...
  8. Gaztopian

    US says Chinese warship seized Navy underwater drone

    What is the U.S doing in the south China sea? Does anyone bother to ask such a trivial question anymore? Besides, if Trump's America is going to talk tough and posture, it must prime itself to handle many more perilous incidents to come. Pro-tip: formal diplomatic complaints don't count.
  9. Gaztopian

    Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive

    *Yawn* If it relates to the Middle East and curbing extremism in that part of the world, I rebuff everything that comes from the Obama administration, for it's clear that when Obama promised to end the wars the U.S started there - wars that fanned the flames of extremist insurgencies, he only...
  10. Gaztopian

    Trump to ban Saudi Oil imports

    I literally have no idea what you said there. I have a feeling it's meant to malign Obama and defend Trump, but beyond that, I'm without recourse.
  11. Gaztopian

    Praising Fidel Castro: Cowardly or Respectful?

    In the grand scheme of things, I'd say it's respectful. He was a controversial leader from an olden era that had his virtues and vices. Depending on where you stand on the political spectrum and history, you may eulogize him or malign him. Either way, there's no excuse for the inane obloquy of...
  12. Gaztopian

    Germany: Muslim migrant child brides discovered, refugee workers say marriages should

    Re: Germany: Muslim migrant child brides discovered, refugee workers say marriages sh Meanwhile in the U.S, no one is batting an eye about the Amish and Haredi sexual practices or the quiverfull movement. Just for once I'd like for the U.S to get off its high horse and look inwardly for...
  13. Gaztopian

    Fidel Castro, Longtime Dictator of Cuba, Has Died

    I can't wait to see the response of the righteous souls and the bleeding hearts in this topic to the imminent death of Henry Kissinger or the eventual death of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
  14. Gaztopian

    Mark Blyth: "Global Trumpism" And The Revolt Against The Creditor Class

    The word "de facto" is key here; it reinforces the utilitarian grounds behind the progressive democrat voting pattern and the absence of partisanship behind it, thus taking us back to my contention; if progressives aren't democratic partisans, what entitlement do they have to rebuild the...
  15. Gaztopian

    Trump to ban Saudi Oil imports

    But this isn't about you; this is about Trump and his commitment to his campaign platform. For a candidate that ran an insurgent populist campaign that promised to stand up to "global financial interests", Trump is increasingly and suspiciously entangled in the system he maligned and promised to...
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