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    It funny she sayes she is not going to pay her taxes for 2004. She sayes this like its something new. Apparently she didn't pay her taxes in the 90's either. In 1998 the IRS put a lien on her house. I guess she did it for the same reason. You know if she doesn't pay income tax for 2004 the...
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    The Economy After 4 years: Clinton vs. Bush

    Gas prices in real dollars were the highest ever during Jimmy Carter reign. Therfore he was soley responsible for that. Isn't that the logic here. The resession we are coming out of now is the result of an overheating economy. Clinton should have slowed the economy down to avoid the cliff...
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    Biodiesel: The answer to foreign oil dependency.

    The biggect problem with alternative fuels is the required infrastructure. Its simply not in place. Biodesiel works in desiel engines but must me started with regular desiel. Ethanol blends will run in some vehicals but not all. Ethanol would probably be easier to impliment but would require...
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    Clinton warned of Bin Laden

    You cannot blame Democrats for it. Thats illegal.
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    Cities may seize homes for economic development, court rules

    I don't understand why the demoncrats support this so much. Sure it rid people of the terrible concept of private property but it benefits someone who isn't poor. You would think that would be enough to get them on the same side. I figure the dems support this decision because of one of 2...
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    How to lower gas prices

    I'm sure we have all seen the high gas prices at the pump. This is not a thread to assign blame but instead to give suggestions to lower fuel prices. In my opinion there are only 2 ways to lower fuel prices, Increase Supply or Lower Demand. Thats it. Everything will revolve around those two...
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    Confirmation of Sup Court Justice

    OK we all know Roberts has been selected by Bush to replace O'Conner. I'm not asking for any opinionated input. What I want to know is what is the proccess that has to take place for an appointee to sit on the bench. Does he have to be confirmed by the Senate or what??
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    Eating Pork is a Sin

    I guess you have to decide for yourself. I can tell you a way that is safe. Take a conservative approach. If your not sure then don't do it. God will surely not fault you for not eating unclean foods.
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    death penality and abortion

    Very simple Stem Cell research requires killing innocent unborn children. The death penalty doesn't apply to innocence. Of course my values are based on religion. If you think an unborn child isn't a human you are fatally mistaken.
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    Environmental groups admit

    I imagine this will happen over alot of enviromental issues. Hey, its 2005 were we not supposed to all be dead by now anyway.
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    Sign The Petition (forced bible reading in public school)...

    A true Christian would never support the forced reading of the bible. Coming to Jesus has to be of your own accord. It cannot be forced. God wants the individual to pick him over anything else. Thats why he gave us free will.
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    What is socialism?

    You do not know what you want. What you should and shouldn't hear should be decided by the government.
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    What is socialism?

    This is Socialism. You have no ownership of this thread. It belongs to the public.
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    A question about teaching abstinence in schools.

    Now come on guys everyone knows that abstainance doesn't work. The pregnancy rate among virgin girls only rises when they are educated in that way.
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    A mans choice of Abortion

    It seems to me that men are given equal if not more responsibilty for thier children It seems fair that the Man should have equal rights to the abortion of thier child as well.
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