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Who wants to be known as a follower

It's easy to to along with a group because there is security in numbers, but when you follow a crowd you run the risk of being lumped in a group that is shown ti be unthinking and even uneven to think for yourself.

I see hundreds of posts where all I see are people who repeat what they have seen or heard on TV or Radio.

Few people do the due diligence of looking up the subject before they respond to a post.

They use verbiage they hear or read from someone who also did not do any research before they shot their mouth off.

I have found though all the years of my life that people who care about the truth and honesty think before they respond and rarely resort to name calling or categorizing people as a group for the actions of one or two bad actors.

I tend to do that by lumping all those people in a group that lacks the ability to think for themselves.

We see it here in the Forum every day.

I am a racist, too partisan, too opinionated, and too religious.

I will never give in to being bullied and pushed around by anyone whose mane claim to fame is their party or political affiliation.

It is beyond me why people will protest a Nation that has made all things possible.

I have come from a large family where my Dad a WW-II vet put his life on the line to give me a chance to be what ever I want to achieve to a nation where some people don't understand that if we don't continue the fight we are going to end in poverty, and like any other third rate Nation in the World.

We need to be the Shinning City on the Hill as Reagan said and lift the rest of the World to our level and stop apologizing for our prosperity, and rejoice in our accomplishments.

America has been a beacon of freedom, Truth justice, and the chance of prosperity to the world and we need remain that, and ignore the people from the Left who complain that we are not what they see as utopia, because they will be the first to be shut up if our ways are ended.

God has Blessed America or we would not be here and we need to make sure it remains " The Shinning City On The Hill,"

We are for the most part Americans and we have a responsibility to uphold the truths and values of our Founders.

Were they right on every front? No but the basics remain to this day.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."{

Where do people get off questioning this and complaining about the system that gives them the right to protest that it's unfair or or what ever.

Do they not know that the United States of America is where freedom of expression and thought was born?


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Jan 12, 2010
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Ill say it again, just because you have a minority opinion doesn't make it smart, clever or brilliant.
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