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Who or what do you care most about? ROUND 2

From these options, who or what do you care most about?

  • My political party or those who share the same values as me

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  • My state

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  • My continent

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  • My area of the globe

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Mar 9, 2010
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This time I have taken out "Myself" and "My family and friends" and changed/added a few to spark further discussion. Obviously everyone cares about those two things a lot.

Who or what do you care most about? And state why you voted the way you did.
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My country.

I didn’t choose “my state” because I can’t say I hold my state above others in my mind, I really consider it part of a whole.

I guess I view my country (or rather, its citizens, which in my mind is the same thing) as a sort of extended family (like, 5th cousins or something), so it tops the list.

Second would be our allies, and if I use the same analogy, “friends of the family” would work, or something.

Third would be the rest of the world.

4th would be the whole “planet/ecosystem”. If necessary, I would accept losing the planet or part of the ecosystem to save those I hold above it.

Would be painful, however, as it’s a damned beautiful place.

And, of course, part of maintaining the first 3 is keeping the local ecosystem in at least moderately proper shape. I think.
My tribe/clan
My clan because I see it as an integral part of my identity and culture. I would help preserve it so it continues.
I view it as an extended family almost.

Edit: Forgot the stating part.
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