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Where do Rebels get their weapons?

I have been wondering where the Libyan Rebels get the big guns they have been using to fight Gaddafi's Mercenaries.
It is clear that people who are wanting to over through our way of life like the Wall Street idiots will never have anything to use in their proposed Revolution., and thank God they are mostly Liberals who don't own personal weapons.
Can you imagine a group with civilian small arms attacking say, Camp Pendelton Marine base to capture weapons to put in the back of pickups so they can succeed in their quest?
They would be wiped out in minutes.
So have the Rebels been receiving aid in the form of Weapons and ammo? and if so who is the supplier.
Most of the arms are available from what our troops have captured in Iraq and Afghanistan so there is one potential answer, but I really can't see that happening. It is possible that one of our allies has helped more than they have let on.
I just can't see a rag tag group being able to seize the number large caliber weapons from trained Mercenaries.
What say you?

A lot of military defected to the rebels and brought weapons with them, other were captured from military bases, and I believe Italy was supplying weapons as well.
France, Italy, some other Arab countries, and probably the US in covert operations sold them weapons.
Possibly some arms dealers (they still exist) gave them more weapons, but proabaly small arms and low-grade weaponry such as Kalashnikovs.
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