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Polish Rob

Oct 18, 2005
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Amherst, NH
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Slightly Liberal
Hi, I'm Rob, from the state of New Hampshire, and I do find myself to be independent, but left leaning on the independent scale. I try to find the middle ground between the two issues. Go ahead and call me a fence sitter, but I enjoy my barca lounger sitting high above you. :lol:

I'm ready for anything.

Bring it.

Polish Rob.
Hello Polish Rob!:2wave:

Hey, no problem with being a leftist bast--- j/k. I'm a liberal when it comes to the environment (except I do eat meat [except pig]). Everything else, I'm slightly conservative.
Thanks guys. I'm on the fence with issues like the environment because even though my dad is an environmental power plant permiting engineer for the mass state govt, I still dont' believe that the ozone layer is being really THAT damaged, more that we're just killing ourselves.

Plus I drive a big SUV which already makes me slightly right of center, but I've got those strong liberal feelings pulling me back over.
Glad to have you.
Thanks for participating.
Welcome to the community Polish Rob! :2wave:



Polish Rob said:
Go ahead and call me a fence sitter,

Careful with the landing, often it causes crossed eyes and pain :shock:


Welcome to Debate Politics!
Nice P. R.

I'm the most conservative member of this board. You haven't lived, until you've experienced me!

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