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what is your opinion?


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May 19, 2004
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CSA wrote in another topic:
Another thing to take into consideration for the admins the majority of your posters at this point are us, a group of DIKHEADS, that get great amounts of enjoyment talking trash to each other and being brothers. So should we have a poll to allow freedom of expression and no censorship or shall we all leave the board and find somewhere else to play. mess with one brother and you'll lose the rest thats just the way it is.

While I personally find talking trash to a fellow personal friend fun - this should not be in the forums. This is a public arena and open to all. This is not a game to see who can strike the lowest - this is "debating politics" - not slam your neighbor. There are other sites that are well equiped and specifically aligned for such behavior.

If you would like, we can create a private forum - for those interested - just for slamming the other guy. Could be fun.

What do you think?
Everyother forum I frequent ( troll, lurk) personal slams are allowed are an enjoyable distraction from the seriousness that some members can get over touchy subjects. So I think they should be allowed within the normal depate but that my opinion.
Everyother forum I frequent ( troll, lurk) personal slams are allowed....

I agree with Vauge, lets at least try to keep it intelligent and above board, except for the Frisky Friday posts. :wink:
What the hell are you talking about LP?
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