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What Is Normal?

Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder if I'm putting too much stock into being 'normal'. What is "NORMAL", anyway?

For example, people always say things like, "I'm truly happy now".... as compared to what? How does a person measure happiness? I know I have moments of happy, but to say that one is walking around 'happy now'? I don't get it.

Just like normal. Who's to say that I'm not perfectly normal and that everyone else is 'off'? Who is to say that the people that grew up without ever being struck or emotionally ripped apart are the ones who aren't normal?

Forgive me please, for I am rambling a bit. These are thoughts I have every now and then when the house is dark and quiet. The moments when I'm truly alone in my own head and sometimes, it's not a pleasant place to be.

I find myself being utterly resentful of the people who grew up without so much as a slap on the wrist when they made a mistake... although my logical side says that it's illogical to feel resentment toward a person because they grew up in a NORMAL home.

The thing I'm finding to be disheartening is that I don't know if the feelings I have about myself and the world around me are NORMAL or if I'm being narrow minded because my 'spin' on the world was clouded by things that I could not at one time, control.

Does that make sense?
it makes sense to me, and your hot.
Yes, and I can sympathize with it as I've experienced similar things. Normal is subjective, it's a quality that is forced upon us by what society deems as a common sense or "normalcy." People judge without understanding, they define without knowing. They cannot understand, thus "abnormality" is misunderstood and discouraged. Most have lived sheltered lives free from emotional pain. The judge those who have experienced hell while not knowing that which they judge. Don't be normal, be you. Don't ever let this world tell you otherwise, because "normal" is an invention of fools who have no understanding of how life can be painful.
Normal is over-rated. I wonder if your thoughts are more about putting on a facade of normalcy - which we all do to a degree, or course - and being uncomfortable with it, than about any flaws within yourself. So you're not Marcia Brady.

Nobody has it easy in this life, I don't care who they are. You never know what someone is carrying around with them, beneath the appearances.

On the happiness thing, I heard somebody say that Americans grow up believing happiness is a right, something to be expected, and any obstacles to it are somehow unfair. I think that's probably true.

Dennis Prager, whom I quote often, wrote a book called Happiness is a Serious Problem. I haven't read it, but I hear him on the radio talking about it. Here he discusses it in terms of it being a moral obligation. Not sure happiness is really the topic of your blog, but I think this is an important subject.


Maybe your efforts at normalcy are really an effort to appear happy. If so, you are to be commended for making the effort.
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