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War Drums (Poem) (1 Viewer)

Meant to post this a while ago. From my personal blog

I hear them
I hear them yelling
I hear them screaming
On their war drums
"Bomb them"
"They are a threat"
"Global security is at risk"
The drums are beating
They are beating faster and stronger
Than ever before
I hear them
Yelling for bombings
Yelling for invasion
Yelling for actions
But, the real question is this:
Do they understand what they are saying?
They are yelling
Yelling for more death, more bloodshed, more pain
They argue for bombings, for invasions,
But they fail to realize how many people will die
How many innocent people, how many soldiers will die
First they went into the Graveyard
On a whim
Pre-planned and with no evidence
Linking the victim to the crime
Without stopping they went
To the Oil Fields
Lies served as their bombs, Deception, their artillery, Propaganda, their bullets
And rained hell, but not just on the people, on the soldiers as well
Yet, they still beat the war drums
Pleading for more tears, more destruction, more suicides
I pray for this not to happen
But I can still hear them screaming
Yet another thought-provoking post...where have all the peacemakers gone? "Give Peace a Chance"--late Beatle John Lennon

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